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Basic informations :
- Level 85 cap (0-80 in Moradon / 80-85 in cz Mob. named "Lord Dracula" (behind each base,stone golem spot)

- GoldBars obtainable from above mentioned Mob. "Lord Dracula"

- Infinite pots

- Buyable / Farmable scrolls (basic one`s on sundries,better ones from bossland (bone collectors)

- Basic items as soon you reach lvl 10 and take skills (1st job change)

- Many types of Items : Bifrost/Darkness/Tier/Primeval/Bloody/Chaos/Hero (in that order from lowest to highest)

- Custom skills/Custom graphics (Special Xmas graphics CURRENTLY ACTIVE)

- Farmable armors in Moradon (DF/Mythril) and Hero armor (Dark Land) - more about that in Quest informations

- Active CZ 24/7 ,active and friendly Staff members (Forum mods,game masters,admin)

Panel informations :
- Nation change (cost a small ammount of NP`s (15k)-it`s nothing when you see the earnings daily)

- Class change /Gender change and reStat all in one

- Vote system with great rewards (Best rings are obtainable from there for example,really worth of voting)

- All other features like on all panels (GM list,king list,csw holders,user/monthly/clan rankings etc...)

Quest informations :

Weapons :
- Hero weapon quest in cz and earning NPS will get you the best weapon`s in game. Usualy it`s 300k nps for 1 weapon,when event is up it goes by half...

- Chaos weapon quest in CZ (Killing opposite side (Humans/Orcs) will get you "Souls of fallen warrior" Which you can exchange for chaos coupons and get a C. weapon.
(Chaos coupons also obtainable by last hitting "Ronark Monument" in cz.

- Bloody weapon quest in moradon (Killing "Miner spider`s" with R dmg in Moradon and collecting 300 "miner head" will give u 1x Weapon of your choice.(Approximately 30 min or less)

- Darkness weapon quest in moradon (killing it with few people would be perfect,but it`s not too hard)

- Primeval (same as for darkness)

- Tier weapon quest in Knight castle (killing easy "krowaz" mob`s with few people)

Armors :
- Dragon flight/Mythril armor quest in Moradon (You will need few people for this,but its worth of it if you like higher dmg but also optional (not requiered).

- Hero (best) armor quest in Dark land/ You will need to make 2-3 accounts for this (depending how many parts you want).But you will use multiple accounts for vote anyways...
-Quest is avalible once per character (to get the reward 1x hero part and 15k nps)

Many simple nps quests in Moradon/Lufferson and a big one in CZ (Getting 1,000 "Souls of fallen warrior" will give you 50,000 NPS)

- Pholus shield quest (Need approximately 20 people to do it , reward is the shield without(low) requierments -good for every class)

- Kahless medal quest (Need approximately 20 people to do it , reward is special medal that gives good weapon defences,you wear it in combination with neck.)


- Visit X-Mas Tree and bring it 100x (Poroom,Teeti,Theo) Muffler , Hat and Glove) for a special item reward + nps (Snowmans are located in moradon,and cz)
- Collect for me 150x from each of the M.A.X.K.O Letters to recive your X-Mas item reward + nps
(More about this you can read on : viewtopic.php?f=115&t=33817

Event informations:
- Forgotten Temple Event : Every day-3x per day (2h,10h,17h /GMT+1-CET) - (Special Forgotten Necklace (best in game)

- Border Defence War : Every day-3x per day (3h,13h,20h /GMT+1-CET) - (Special earing (20 win reward) + 2-2.5k nps reward (you need to "select character-relog" to obtain nps)

- Lunar War : Wedensday & Saturday (4h,14h,23h /GMT+1-CET) (Administration is thinking to add 1 more "war day" since it`s 1h wars)

- Castle Siege War : (Friday 21h GMT+1-CET) - (Special CSW belt reward (best in game) + 7k NPS reward)

- Cyriacus Event : Automatic event (Gives you a FREE random item every 24h - visit the npc near anvil and open a box - try your luck )

- 1v1 Event : Automatic event (Gonna happen every Thursday for 1 class,registration gonna happen on WEB & FORUM) (COMMING SOON)

- Ja Rod Event : Killing 2 Monster`s in 2 zones then teleporting to Ja Rod and getting special medal reward for killing it (COMMING SOON)

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